Magnum Gold Ice Cream

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Australia’s oldest (and arguably best) choccy, the Cherry Ripe, has been reinvented as a frozen treat in the form of ice.

20 May 2014.

MAGNUM® Chocolate Infinity bars feature dark chocolate ice cream with.

Caramel, Double Chocolate, Almond, Mint, Dark, White and Gold?!

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Magnum - Gold31 Jan 2014.

I went in for the kill. Breaking the shell that looked like a golden candy paint job on a pimp mobile. Magnum gold ice cream bars are in most.

7 Jan 2014.

Magnum have already done a gold version before of course (see The Impulsive Buy's review) so I guess silver was just the next logical step. This.

As the show wraps up its 40th season and nears its 20th anniversary, here are the defining moments that made it great, from.

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